Architecture for Humanity Indianapolis

Have you ever heard of a fabulous little thing called Architecture for Humanity? First of all, it is most definitely fabulous, but it is not at all ‘little’. The organization consists of chapters all across the States, from Architecture for Humanity New York to Architecture for Humanity Indianapolis, and even to the West coast.

6a00d83451b6a969e20133f4c64c2f970b-piThis nationwide non-profit was established in 1999 by two individuals who saw a need and decided to meet it. Refugees in Kosovo who were returning home after the region’s recent war needed some place to stay. Architecture for Humanity was formed as design professionals got together and came up with building projects that would provide housing for the displaced people.

These professionals teemed up with the locals and together they were able to build new communities from the ground-up. So far, this charity has worked in over 45 countries, providing constructive solutions in multiple crises, helping millions of people, and Architecture for Humanity Indianapolis has had a part in it.

The most amazing thing about AFH is that everything is accomplished on a volunteer basis. All of the specialists donate their time and skills and knowledge to help their fellow mankind get back on their feet. I’m sure by now a couple of national disasters have sprung to mind: the earthquake in Haiti, the tsunami in Myanmar, and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Proudly, AFH developed and built schools, assisted in clearing landmines, and even set up playgrounds. It is an organization that consults with local governments and partners with other relief organizations. The projects that they get involved in are always long-term, and they are always pro bono.

Architecture for Humanity Indianapolis is incredibly grateful to be one of the many chapters that has helped people in need across the globe, but they know that it all starts in their own backyard of Indianapolis. Check out to see what they have been up to.